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Raising Hope

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In the summer of 1958, a bright, yet shy recent high school graduate living in a farming community in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County was resigned to a life in the country. That’s when, by chance, a postage-stamp-sized advertisement in a magazine mailed to her home changed Joan (Lefever) Bennett’s life.

The Second Time Around

Dec 9th, 2013 | By | Category: Alumni Profile, Features

Barbara Hall Schubert ’51 answered the phone in October 2010 and heard a voice she hadn’t heard in nearly 60 years. It was her college beau, Jack Vaughan ’52, who had gotten her phone number from a mutual friend.

Delaware’s Sandman

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When Lyron Deputy AS ’99, MSN ’06, first entered Wesley in 1997, he never imagined he would end up where he is today: CEO of Delaware Sleep Disorder Centers, a sleep study provider that serves 5,000 patients annually. He credits his experiences at Wesley with providing the educational background and especially the courage he needed to take the huge step from staff nurse at a hospital to successful nurse entrepreneur.

Pioneers for Future Generations

Dec 12th, 2012 | By | Category: Alumni Profile, Features

To be on a campus these days is to witness a college more integrated than most in this country: nationally, 14 percent of college students are African American; Wesley’s minority population well exceeds that. That wasn’t always the case, as alumnae Gloria James ’73, the Reverend Charlotte Nichols ’73 and Peggi (Young) Watson ’73 well know.

A Stroke of Genius

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For Lance Balderson ’61 , the unexpected highlight of his career happened about three years ago when he received a letter from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Balderson dismissed it as just another solicitation from another museum seeking membership dues. But there was something different about this letter. Indeed, the world-renowned gallery wanted something, but it wasn’t money. It wanted one of his works.

Chris Rules!

Nov 10th, 2010 | By | Category: Alumni Profile, Features

Shortly after arriving for football camp in the summer of 1990, freshman defensive end Chris Furrule ’94 found himself sitting in his dorm room with an injury wondering what he was doing there…

(Blue &) Golden Memories

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In mid-October, the campus was abuzz with activity as many who once called Wesley home returned to their old stomping grounds. Alumni who attended the annual Homecoming festivities represented numerous generations of former students whose hearts still have a place for Wesley. Among them were members of the Class of 1960 celebrating the 50th anniversary of their graduation from Wesley Junior College…

Attainable + Sustainable

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It is near impossible to get a nation, let alone the world, to commit to a new lifestyle unless it has been done before and proven to be successful. After over 50 years in real estate and development, Fred Spain ’58 is in the midst of showing the nation how it’s done.

Legal Linda

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ALUMNI PROFILE: Linda Broyhill ’71 BY LEIGH ANN COLEMAN ’09 Linda S. Broyhill ’71 knew exactly where she wanted to continue her education after high school. However, the University of Virginia (UVA) at that time didn’t allow women to attend for their first year. Her father tried to convince her to attend The College of […]

All for One and One for All

Aug 26th, 2009 | By | Category: Alumni Profile

As years pass, change is inevitable for both the College as well as its graduates. However, for many former students who called Wesley home, the memories created on campus have endured the test of time. For a particular group of alumni from the Class of 1959, the 50th anniversary of their Wesley graduation is quickly approaching. Three members of the class formerly known as the “Three

Musketeers”— Sara “Sally” (Kendrick) Cavanagh, Rovaldia “Val” (Megee) Hyde and Edna “Edie” (Whittle) Rogers — have planned to make the trip back to Wesley’s campus this October, as they have every five years, to relive a time in each of their lives when they not only found each other but also found themselves.