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Dr. Antho­ny M. Arm­strong, pro­fes­sor of polit­i­cal sci­ence, has pub­lished his book, “Edu­cat­ing Angels: Teach­ing for the Pur­suit of Hap­pi­ness.” Arm­strong presents a full-range cur­ricu­lum and ped­a­gogy that would result in hap­pi­er peo­ple and bet­ter soci­eties. He paints an inspir­ing pic­ture of an edu­ca­tion wor­thy of angels and a future wor­thy of human­i­ty, show­ing how meth­ods of well-being based on hap­pi­ness research – mind­ful­ness, grat­i­tude, per­spec­tive – can great­ly improve kids’ chances to feel bet­ter in the present and to live hap­pi­er lives in the future.

Susan Red­ing­ton Bob­by, asso­ciate pro­fes­sor of Eng­lish, was asked by Nora Cor­bett Adams, own­er and design­er of the com­pa­ny Mirabil­ia, to pro­duce adver­tis­ing copy for her. Adams is one of the most famous needle­work design­ers in the world with a huge fol­low­ing, and Bob­by has admired and stitched her work for 20 years. Every oth­er month, Adams releas­es a very large design, and each piece requires a name and a descrip­tion. Bob­by has writ­ten a descrip­tion for the designs “Red,” and “Perse­phone.” She also has two recent pub­li­ca­tions. The first is a peer-reviewed essay, “Besides, there’s no such thing as poets any­more’: Poet­ic Rel­e­vance in Neil LaBute’s Pos­ses­sion,” in the anthol­o­gy “Verse, Voice, and Vision: Poet­ry and the Cin­e­ma,” ed. Marlisa San­tos, Lex­ing­ton, 2013. The sec­ond is “The Teller’s Tale: Lives of the Clas­sic Fairy Tale Writ­ers,” ed. by Sophie Ray­nard (review)”, in “Children’s Lit­er­a­ture Asso­ci­a­tion Quar­ter­ly,” Vol­ume 38, Num­ber 3, Fall 2013, pub­lished by The Johns Hop­kins Uni­ver­si­ty Press.

Dr. Krai­wi­nee Bun­yaratavej and Dr.William Kroen took sev­en stu­dents from BA310G Inter­na­tion­al Busi­ness Expe­ri­ence and BI120/325 Caribbean Stud­ies class­es to con­duct research in Bar­ba­dos. The stu­dents vis­it­ed dif­fer­ent places such as a sug­ar fac­to­ry, trop­i­cal forests, rocky shores, and the Cen­tral Bank of Bar­ba­dos where they gath­ered relat­ed infor­ma­tion for their research.

Dr. Mal­colm J. D’Souza, pro­fes­sor of chem­istry, is co-author of a chap­ter that appeared in Recent Devel­op­ments in Organ­ic Chem­istry 2013, pub­lished by Transworld Research Net­work. This review chap­ter details the mech­a­nisms of reac­tions and ben­e­fi­cial aspects of chem­i­cal com­pounds that were orig­i­nal­ly employed as war gas­es. D’Souza also authored two peer-reviewed pub­li­ca­tions: one cor­re­lat­ing can­cer drug struc­ture and sol­u­bil­i­ty that was pub­lished in the Amer­i­can Jour­nal of Health Sci­ences, and a sec­ond in the Inter­na­tion­al Jour­nal of Mol­e­c­u­lar Sci­ences that eval­u­at­ed a study of vinyl chlo­ro­for­mate, a chem­i­cal com­pound that is found in a num­ber of com­mer­cial prod­ucts. D’Souza and Dr. Patri­cia Dwyer, vice pres­i­dent and provost, received a $1.8M grant from the Nation­al Sci­ence Foun­da­tion EPSCoR pro­gram.

Dr. Tere­sa Grif­fin, asso­ciate pro­fes­sor of media arts, was a fea­tured read­er at Sec­ond Sat­ur­day Poets on Sept. 14. Sec­ond Sat­ur­day has only two fea­tured read­ers each month.

Dr. Steven Groc­cia, assis­tant pro­fes­sor of phys­i­cal edu­ca­tion, has received notices of accep­tance for two pre­sen­ta­tions: “An Intro­duc­tion to the Coop­er­a­tive Learn­ing Mod­el: How Task Struc­tures Are Used for Account­abil­i­ty” at the Delaware Asso­ci­a­tion for Health, Phys­i­cal Edu­ca­tion, Recre­ation and Dance Con­fer­ence at Delaware State Uni­ver­si­ty, and “The Coop­er­a­tive Learn­ing Mod­el in Mid­dle School Phys­i­cal Edu­ca­tion” at the Amer­i­can Alliance for Health, Phys­i­cal Edu­ca­tion, Recre­ation, and Dance Con­fer­ence in St. Louis, Mis­souri.

Dr. Kath­leen C. Jacobs, pro­fes­sor of busi­ness man­age­ment, recent­ly pub­lished an arti­cle enti­tled “Gen­der­spe­cif­ic jobs keep hold­ing back the econ­o­my” in the News Jour­nal on Labor Day, Sept. 2. The arti­cle focus­es on women’s under­rep­re­sen­ta­tion in blue-col­lar jobs and offers insight for a solu­tion in light of the fact that state leg­is­la­tors have formed a statewide Blue Col­lar Task Force to focus on bring­ing jobs to Delaware in order toim­prove the state’s econ­o­my. Jacobs also attend­ed the Annu­al Kent Coun­ty Eco­nom­ic Sum­mit held Sept. 24, at Delaware Tech­ni­cal Com­mu­ni­ty Col­lege in Dover, Del., where she assist­ed two oth­er com­mis­sion­ers in brief­ing atten­dees at the Sum­mit on the state of the econ­o­my using a poster exhib­it on Eco­nom­ic Equi­ty. The three com­mis­sion­ers, who are guber­na­to­r­i­al appointees, shared numer­ous research pub­li­ca­tions on the nation­al econ­o­my and Delaware econ­o­my with the atten­dees.

Chris Jar­rell, nurs­ing lab­o­ra­to­ry man­ag­er, received hon­or­able men­tion recog­ni­tion as a Top Nurse in Delaware for 2013 by the Delaware Nurs­es Asso­ci­a­tion. The recog­ni­tion was for Excel­lence in Nurs­ing in the cat­e­go­ry of Clin­i­cal Nurse Spe­cial­ist.

Dr. Abi­gail Mar­tinez-Sote­lo, assis­tant pro­fes­sor of Span­ish, gave three pre­sen­ta­tions this past aca­d­e­m­ic year: “The Recre­ation of the Fig­ure of the Dic­ta­tor on The Feast of the Goat of Mario Var­gas Llosa” dur­ing the Moun­tain Inter­state For­eign Lan­guage Con­fer­ence (MIFLC) at Wake For­est Uni­ver­si­ty in North Car­oli­na; “Witch­es, Nuns and Artists: the Lit­er­ary Cre­ation Dur­ing the Inqui­si­tion in Colo­nial Mex­i­co” dur­ing the Nine­teenth Annu­al Car­oli­na Con­fer­ence on Romance Lit­er­a­tures at The Uni­ver­si­ty of North Car­oli­na at Chapel Hill in North Car­oli­na; and “¡De pan­za­zo! and the Prob­lem with Edu­ca­tion in Mex­i­co and its Rela­tion­ship with Tele­visa” dur­ing the XXXI Inter­na­tion­al Con­gress of the Latin Amer­i­can Stud­ies Asso­ci­a­tion (LASA) in Wash­ing­ton, D.C.

Dr. Cyn­thia New­ton, asso­ciate pro­fes­sor of polit­i­cal sci­ence, gave a talk on July 6 at the Delaware Pub­lic Archives on the lega­cy of the pres­i­den­tial elec­tion of 1800 to a packed house of about 80 peo­ple. In addi­tion, the exec­u­tive offi­cers of the Stu­dent Gov­ern­ment Asso­ci­a­tion and New­ton (as advi­sor) attend­ed the nation­al Amer­i­can Stu­dent Gov­ern­ment Asso­ci­a­tion annu­al con­fer­ence in ear­ly Octo­ber in D.C., where the stu­dents had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to meet and net­work with oth­er stu­dent gov­ern­ment offi­cers and mem­bers from around the coun­try.

Dr. Nan­cy Rubi­no, pro­fes­sor of nurs­ing, received hon­or­able men­tion recog­ni­tion as a Top Nurse in Delaware for 2013 by the Delaware Nurs­es Asso­ci­a­tion. The recog­ni­tion was for Excel­lence in Nurs­ing in the cat­e­go­ry of Aca­d­e­m­ic Edu­ca­tor.

Dr. Alban W. Urbanas, pro­fes­sor of phi­los­o­phy and French, has pub­lished his Eng­lish trans­la­tion of “Beckett’s Gener­ic Writ­ing,” authored by the con­tem­po­rary French philoso­pher Alain Badiou, in “The Beck­ett Crit­i­cal Read­er,” edit­ed by S.E. Gontars­ki, Edin­burgh Uni­ver­si­ty Press, 2012.

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